First DateLila met Firoz, her husband-to-be on the first day that she joined Ruston  & Hornsby as a trainee engineer. It was love at first sight.  

"I met  Firoz on my first day of work under a tree. My brother, who had accompanied me, requested Firoz. "Please help my sister and keep an eye on her” and Firoz replied,  'Don't worry, I will take care of her.' He teases me that, `Till date, I am doing just that. '’


After being wooed into matrimony despite family opposition, they made clear choices. As they did not want to work in the same company, Firoz who at that time was drawing a better salary as the Quality Control Manager stayed on while Lila left Ruston to join Vulcan Laval as a trainee engineer.

Lila & Firoz"My success would have been impossible without Firoz.  He has been a mirror and helped me reflect my ideas. This was of great importance in dealing with men in a MAN’S world. He taught me how to understand them, how they think, how they make decisions, what they consider as important, and what their priorities are. Armed with all this, I was able to deal with them successfully, yet keep my own identity".


It was also a mutual decision not to have children, taking their parents into confidence. With each peak that Lila scaled, Firoz was always there to guide. Lila and Firoz enjoy socializing with friends and share common hobbies and interests.

Firoz has been more than a husband – he has been a friend, philosopher and guide to Lila. Sharing and caring at every difficult turn. Proving that there’s a man behind every successful woman! 

“My husband has made me a better person. He has taught me the joy of giving. He always says, “We must be givers, not takers. When we give, we have a choice when and what to give; when we take, we don’t have that choice.” As a result, I have learnt to become more tolerant and giving.”


Lila has managed her career and home with equal ease, largely due to her emphasis on Time Management. Despite being pre-occupied with her work and her Tetra Laval family for the last thirty-three years, Lila has always found time for both her and her husband's families. She also takes time off from her own leisure to indulge herself in a wide variety of interests, which bring her great happiness.

“I have created software programs for all my hobbies. Greet – a package for the birthdays, anniversaries of friends, Souvenir – trinket collection from travel, Golden Memories – photographs, Gems- gift tracking, mementos – record of gifts received, melody – music data base, Happy Reading – my library, VB – visitors' book. It has to do with my being a task oriented and an organized person and I spend at least half -an- hour everyday in trying to update my records.”

Lila has a penchant for collecting everything under the sun. She has an exquisite collection of crystal-ware from different parts of the globe, and a variety of clocks, all giving perfect time. Widely traveled, she has an enviable collection of books from all the countries (topics ranging from fiction and management to country information), besides a vast collection of trinkets and souvenirs from all her journeys. Collecting matchboxes is another obsessive interest She is the member of British Match Club. Her collection includes a foot long matchbox from the Swedish Match Factory. She has a collection of chessboards of varied descriptions. One of her most unique and lovable collection is of COWS, smiling, mooing, dancing, grazing, playing, fighting, in fact, showcasing them in every mood and action.

COWS Of the World

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